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Bartenders - Shirtless bartenders Chefs - Waiters - Waitresses - Coat Check - After Party Maintenance - Hosts - Convention Greeters - Cocktail Servers and much more!

Serving Styles

Family Style: Platters are placed in the center of the table; your guests will pass platter around the table and help themselves.
Buffet Style: Set up on large buffet tables; guests can help themselves or come to the buffet, grab a plate and servers provide servings.
Sweep Serving: Usually done at large sit-down events: server works with a captain or partner or directly with you serving assigned tables.
Order Taking: Order at the table, this will be done if a guest has a special order (special order examples: vegetarian meal or Kosher meal).

Waiting Staff Refilling Drinks

Professional Staffing Services of Chicago, Illinois

We're your connection to premium food service personnel for all types of special events. The owner/manager (Women owned Business) has been working in the industry since 1996, and started the business in 1998. We work to provide the best possible service for any catered event and require our staff to dress in black and white tuxedo uniforms unless you prefer something else. Their skills and experience is second to none, so you always receive a perfect reception. We aim to please and are ready to serve you.

Elitte Bartending School

Please also visit our sister company, the #1 bartending school in Chicago, Elitte Bartending School, for additional services offered to the public. 

Services for potential clients

• Employee Staff training
• Employee Illinois BASSET training (Group Rates)
• Restaurant, Bar,  and Hotel Training

Services for potential students

• 40 hour Bartending Course - Learn how to bartend bar behind a real bar, get licensed, earn $200-$300 in this trade, job placement, internships available.
• Mixoloy 101 - 4 hour class, Great for Groups, parties, or date night
• Beer 101 - Learn history of Beer, taste ingredients in making beer, Beer tastings. Great for groups small and large. 2 hour class.
• BASSET Certification Classes - Alcohol Awareness 1 day course. Ill State License included Certify your staff, managers, owners, etc. Group discounts available.